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Today, SAFire Backdraft has clarified its mission within the fire safety education field as a nonprofit organization.  The current version of SAFire Backdraft professionals have tirelessly volunteered since 2011 in re-establishing the concept from the initial 1991-2002 group.  Each SAFire Backdraft presentation is designed to appeal to the celebratory tone of music while delivering vital fire safety information in between musical selections.  Sparky the FireDog is often a guest at the performances where a lively and diverse mix of music seek for wide audience appeal.  The group has performed at HEB's Health and Safety Fair (2011, 2012), Alamo Plaza Christmas Tree-lighting event (2011, 2012, 2013), and the HEB Feast of Sharing Holiday Meal (2012-2015) where thousands of San Antonio residents come together both to volunteer and receive in the generous community meal.  In addition, group has played for the Armed Forces River Parade on the riverwalk (2013), the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Tower Climb (2012), and many numerous community events that have offered the opportunity to communicate their fire safety messages.             


Over 20 years ago, a talented group of San Antonio Fire Department personnel began a public education effort that brilliantly combined fire and public safety messages with a culturally-diverse mix of  live music.  Through a sense of community which personifies much of San Antonio and the South Texas region, the initial Backdraft band volunteered tirelessly within this public education mission while performing at hundreds of schools and community events throughout the early 1990's.   These heroic actions soon yielded proof of mission success...

It was at one of these initial Backdraft performances where a young boy heard the messages of "stop, drop, & roll" and the need to plan a home fire escape with his family.  In a fire at his home shortly thereafter, the young boy was able to initiate life-saving actions in assisting his younger sister to exit their home.  In a documented news event, the young boy described understanding what to do because of what Backdraft had talked about in a recent performance at his school!   Though the number of lives saved through prevention and education is rarely quantifiable, this incident remarkably captured the essence of Backdraft's mission.